3 Films – Digital Download

By Norman Reedus (2006)

Three visually stunning and very different films from the multi-talented filmmaker / actor / cinematographer / photographer Norman Reedus are featured on this box set.

THE RUB – A shocking and grotesque fairy tale about the listlessness of anonymous sex. The film’s disavowal of conventional storytelling techniques and stunning cinematography hearkens back to the work of Wim Wenders and David Lynch.

A FILTHY LITTLE FRUIT is the story of failed comedian who finds himself caught in an identity crisis. A nightmare within a nightmare within a nightmare, the film ultimately ends with . . . .well, you’ll just have to watch!

THOUGHT OF YOU provides a brief glimpse into the head of Miles Davis. Preoccuppied by troubles at home, Miles drifts into the studio for a rehearsal. Snapped out of his spell by a young man, Miles tells him a story about a little boy meeting his grandparents for the first time. This little vignette is just what Miles needed though, to get his mind off the world and get back into the groove.

** If you purchased a DVD version that was previously released, those are now collector’s editions as 3 Films will now only be available for digital download.

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 Runtime: 40 minutes

Director: Norman Reedus

Delivery: Digital Download

Purchase: Sold individually or as a full set

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